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“ We have been using MDoffice for three years now. The onsite training was a tremendous help that made the transition much easier. One of the best things we appreciate about MDoffice is prompt tech support. The product allows customization. We have also seen an improvement in our turnaround time for insurance reimbursement. In the past we were with a cloud system and we are very pleased having all the data at our office on a server under our control especially as we just had a citywide loss of internet for 24 hours. I am very comfortable recommending MDoffice to others. Jeff Graf at Graf Medical Eye Care & Vision Center. ”

Dr. Jeffery D Graf OD FAAO

“ Since we started using MDoffice, our office has been running more efficiently. Accounting, patient scheduling, Recalls, Collections, have all improved. It was a tedious process to pick which software we went with. The decision was easy once we saw MDoffice in action with one of their demo sessions. We have multiple locations and MDoffice works well to connect both offices. The software is easily customizable which is very advantageous when we compared MDoffice to other vendors. Additionally, their customer support is very quick and responsive. We are very happy to promote MDoffice. ”

Dr. Lee Gelman

“ We started using MDoffice about four years ago. The transition from our old software to new was extremely easy with the great training and support they have. The difference between the old and MDoffice was huge. The entire office became much more efficient within just a few weeks. Revenue was way up and maintenance fees were way down compared to our old software. Last August we lost our server in a lighting storm which meant we lost our all of our computers in our office. You really do not know how good your software support team is until you lose everything. Jay and his team spent countless hours during the week and weekends to make sure we were up and going as quickly as possible. Their knowledge and caring attitude was amazing. Their software we cannot do without and their support is icing on the cake. We certainly highly recommend MDoffice. ”

Dr. Joey Arencibia