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Technology today helps you to integrate different health-related data and link doctors, facilities, patients and others.  ODoffice is a great advancement in this direction.

ODoffice is capable of managing high transaction volume across many sites as it uses Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server. Based on a Microsoft Windows Server platform, the system uses Borland Delphi, Dot Net, ASP, Infopath and Crystal Reports. Thus you can run ODoffice easily if your system has Windows.

Economical and easy to learn and use, you can seamlessly integrate ODoffice with any Windows-based office software – be it Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

ODoffice is in compliance with HIPAA regulations for data security. You can prevent unauthorized access by imposing different restrictions. Also, since ODoffice is Microsoft Certified, your software will be always updated with the latest technology and enhancements.

Besides, our well-trained ODoffice technicians are always at your service to help you with any problem in your system.

Product Development

Our research team consistently works with the latest Microsoft tools to enhance the performance of ODoffice and develop new tools. You can use ODoffice in your standard desktop computer or in any other workstation.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server secures your data by encrypting them and helps to protect your files in case of system failure. It lets you disseminate files precisely across your company and streamlines your work.

HL7 (Health Level Seven)

ODoffice is compatible with HL7 – the industry standard for transferring data among healthcare facilities. This means that a patient with an EMR can be registered simultaneously in ODoffice, and vice versa.

Back-End Operating System

For ODoffice, Microsoft Windows Server is the backend operating system. This ensures that you get high quality file and print service, and your work is consistently of premium quality —seamless, reliable and safe.

Microsoft Terminal Server

ODoffice uses Microsoft Terminal Server — an extension of Windows 2003 Server. This provides you an economical centrally-managed mainframe with terminals - which makes your work familiar, easy and you can take advantage of all the Windows applications.