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The ODoffice system has advanced security feature for its EMR: fully-integrated fingerprint recognition technology for instant and safe login — this puts an end to the troublesome task of having to type your name and password every time you decide to take a break from your computer system or because there are too many users on the system.

The unique feature of ODoffice is that when you take a break, you just tap a log-off key. Once back, you don’t need to login again  —  just flash your thumb in front of a scanner and you are back onto the system. Best part is no one can hack or steal fingerprint! FBI, CIA, and other international intelligence and law enforcement agencies are using similar security capability.

Physicians using ODoffice EMR can be assured that their medical records can be accessed only by authorized physicians, staff members or patients. So both physicians and patients can be confident that their medical records are safe and intact.

ODoffice strives to comply with HIPAA regulations and security mandates. It incorporates several levels of security, password management and audit trials to assure the privacy of patient records. Your databases are completely safe thanks to Built-in Microsoft security measures.