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Practice Building Resources

ODoffice’s Practice Management Software integrates the management of both medical records and office administration.

Eliminate time-consuming and costly paper chase for both clinical and financial data and scheduling, booking, billing, and other work with ODOffice’s Practice Management system.


This integrated system allows you to track and maintain patients’ clinical and financial data at the same time.


Practice Management allows you to do everything — from booking appointments, checking patients in and out, following up with billing and reimbursement from insurance companies, and much more. We help to maintain both clinical and business data in these seven categories: desktop, registration, scheduling, charting, billing, accounting and reporting.


  • Scheduling function helps you eliminate patient waiting.
  • Registration function helps you register patients on the computer, save time, avoid duplicates, and boost accuracy.
  • Automatic monitoring of billing and payment with the correct codes assists in boosting revenue without much confusion.


The forms are simple and easy-to-use and you can quickly switch from one function to another and return with losing information.