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Patient Management

ODoffice helps optometry practices manage flow of patients — from check-in to check-out — effectively by providing the following services:

Demographics: Our unified EMR and PM software will help to successfully capture and maintain demographic information including Patient Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Address, Contact Information, and Insurance Information.

Patient Portal: ODoffice’s Patient Portal enables optometry practices exchange patient health information in a secure manner through the internet.  Our patient portal benefits both patients and providers by increasing efficiency and productivity. It also helps physicians meet “meaningful use” requirements.

Diagnoses:  ODoffice collects the information (up-to-date) required for diagnosis from the history and physical examination of the patient seeking medical care. It reduces time necessary to retrieve charts from paper systems, eliminate patient’s wait time and minimizes errors.

Medical History: ODoffice helps to capture and maintain Past Medical History, Family History and Social History.

Patient Summaries: At ODoffice, we will help to maintain clinical summary and Transition of Care (ToC).

Patient Health Record (PHI): ODoffice will help to successfully maintain Patient Health Record (PHI).

Reports Common to Most Health Records: ODoffice will also effectively help to manage these reports: Identification Sheet, Problem List, Medication Record, History and Physical, Progress Notes, Consultation, Imaging and X-ray Reports, Lab Reports, Immunization Record, Consent and Authorization Forms, and much more.