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ODoffice Team

Serving optometry practices successfully for over 29 years!

Our team at ODoffice is dedicated to improving the flow of your optometry practice. We want to help you feel organized and less overwhelmed by a heap of charts waiting for dictation and filing. We understand you have better ways to use of your time than searching for a chart on everyone's desk, looking for that phone message written on a sticky note, and making mass copies of superbills. At ODoffice, our team is dedicated to making your practice well-organized. We are enthusiastic about being the best. What that means to us is having the best features that make sense to a real practice.


We at ODoffice began with physician scheduling and billing software in 1984. Since then we have organically grown ODoffice into a completely integrated practice management and electronic medical records system deployed on a national scale.

We want to be sure that our software fits your needs so we've put together a team that knows what it’s doing to ensure that you have the best possible experience from planning through implementing, using and maintaining our software. ODoffice includes medical technicians and specialists in a wide range of disciplines—including medical, training, internet hosting, software services, hardware support, project management, data conversions, networking services and software development.

ODoffice medical consultants and software programmers translate and refine “hands on” experience into reliable, useful solutions that take advantage of low cost and economies of scale using off-the-shelf Microsoft software. We know the role our products play in the lives of the people who rely on them. Our customers will tell you that we're good to work with and we respond immediately to their problems, issues and questions. We're growing fast because we have a reputation for going the extra mile to meet the needs of our clients.

From the beginning, we were determined to design and produce the best software on the market and back it with the best possible service and support. That meant we had to assemble the best possible team.

We quickly established ourselves as an industry leader—the first medical office management system powerful enough to meet office needs yet easy to understand and operate. We continue to hold our leading-edge position. We handle your needs promptly, efficiently, and courteously. We use online forums and feedback to encourage your input.